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Mathwatha Music

Our Mathwatha Music’s mobile application and website contains all of our community’s music at your fingertip, anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you want. More excitingly, our application will be developed and updated based on what the community asks for. We know that this application will be played in your home, your car, your sheera, your road trips and your parties and we want YOU to decide how it will work and what options it will have.

Our platform promises to offer periodic idea submissions and suggestions that our team will listen to and work based on them. After all, this is all of our project. We also promise to be approachable to you, remain innovative with our advanced technology, and not forget to make you laugh at times.


About Project Mathwatha?

Mathwatha (translates to ‘villages’ in Chaldean/Assyrian/Syriac language) is a community project that is created by its people, for its people. Mathwatha’s vision is to have all of its community member world wide be connected with each other in one location, on application, their online homeland.

For decades, our community’s people have had to leave our homeland due to religious, political, or financial reasons. That’s when we began losing our language, culture, and connection with one another. Mathwatha aims to create a comprehensive platform for media and communication that will connect all of our people at every spot in the world.


We want our people to prosper together as one big Matha – one big village. We work for that vision by providing advanced technology services.


Mathwatha is focused on bringing cutting edge technology to our Mathwatha so we can share and be connected with each other all over the world.


Together we will push forward beyond being a single Matha. Together we are Mathwatha.


Meet our the engine and drive behind Mathwatha

Amel Soro

Sony Tomika

Riyam Arabo

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